Recently a friend announced his relationship status through a post on social media. The partner was tagged in the same post. When I clicked on his partner profile, turned out she has updated a similar texts. 

My inference, we call it a relationship, when both the parties agree to the terms of partnership. 

I could not resist asking myself, “when people call it off, what happens to this verbal or virtual contract”? 

Moreover, it’s not justified in my triggered brain, when do we call off?

When both agree to settle in together; we call it a relationship. What if, only one wants to peek out of the partnership and another one yet seeks the occupancy of binary. Should we say, it’s been called off??? Is there no value of one’s worth which was significant enough for signing in? 

I often say, in the realist era of trending relationship, one owes the luxury to change the definitions of contract as per convinience. The binding of contract requires a blend of two molten hearts but the solvency of term subjects to the misery of a single heart. 

On a law site, I found that they call it Divorce when both the parties agree to call it off. we are well versed with definition of divorce before we even know the right words of “I DO”

True love happens only once. If one fiddles. The next love will tentatively be based on compromises or carries the new terms towards the beneficiary. 

Wether the second love happens or not. I know, it’s been called off when one moves on. I am unsure, when to call off if the one is yet on the hook. 


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