I left the sentence after that word, as I realised that the word itself raises the question of symphony. 

Why do you we fall in love??? I have known since a long before. For no known reasons I have loved you my way. 

Why did we depart?? For the sake of self existence we took a departure. 

Why did you leave ??? I am unaware. 

Why and why not??? 

Questions take a brawl across the narrow lanes of my synapses. And I spend hours streamlining them in my drawing room.  

My collegeue asked me today, “why doesn’t things work out in a relationship”? 

I had a long list of answer for her. But I kept mum in a hope that she will brief me her own options. But she dint. Seems she was going through the same agony as if me. 

Why is it easy to say those three magical words when too tough to understand them? Why is it easy to break up when moving on may not be possible? 

Why should love happen to us? Why should I fall in love again?? Why should one love other? 

Many questions but why don’t I get any answers. 

Loving you is easy but deferring you is just not happening. 

For next, I solve my “why”, I will keep the rest of sentence incomplete. 


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