She was indulging in her plans for her first white Christmas somewhere in Europe, when I drew back in the nostalgic reins of my childhood. Gosh!!! The days when I used to fancy a white rain, a walk on the bare moon or a March in the terrains of white elephants. 

Three decades have passed and I haven’t done any of them. Yet, I don’t regret or seemingly work on fulfilling the desires. 

I have felt the calm of ocean in your love. The warmth of a river from the frozen ice through thy kiss. The breeze of first spring passing through my ear when you nibbled down my neck. Yes, I have experienced the perfect love. The love I never imagined in my younger days. The live I can’t imagine in my growing night. But, I have lived it. 

I am not sure if the white rain would be as nurturing as your arms. If the bare moon walk be that soothing as your touch. 

In then her giggle brought me back to reality. She asked me if I have ever seen snowfall? I nodded in a no. She gave me a smug and went off . 

Later night, I am picturising if those childhood fancies be fulfilling if I start chasing them now. We are not born perfect. We will never be perfect. What if the reality is not as perfect as slumber dream. Let not them decay in me. I will keep them alive as I keep you. 


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