Deeds we deal

Some symptoms are recurrent as the convulsive epilepsy. They break your torso, bending it into rigid tree without sunlight. They come again and again to remind you the very existence of pain and slithering agony of betrayal. The transgressions are free of penance and guilt. The question arises, Is the curse of moon a bliss or a cloak of evil deeds?


Unlettered post

It’s a day inked on my heart as a ever lasting soul. I am supposed to write a letter addressing the lanes I wandered alone in past one year. It’s like an endless journey between my fate and destiny. I always believed that you were my destiny but the reckless fate was not in my favour. I tried to change my destiny but fate brought me back on same lane. I hate the fact, that you still have an edge on me while I have none of you. I am holding myself alike the last year from crumbling into pieces with forlorn eyes waiting a glimpse of golden skin you wear. 

May be my destiny will never match my fate yet I will keep high faith in eternity. As always, I wish, I hope and I pray. 

Happy Third September.