In middle of somewhere

In the middle of somewhere, transitioning between the flights or metros, 

In the middle of strangers, rubbing off my time,

I look for a known face, in a hope of emergence from nowhere 

I see no recognisable textures of a dead eye, I feel the chaos of incoherent voices of the callings 

The space irks me because of asymmetry, the time detest me of my wandering thoughts 

I want to pick up a bit of me before I leave for another destination

A bit of baggage to be left behind for a new arrival. 

As I see the flex reading impossible is nothing, I write another letter knowing the destination no longer exists. 


Love, forever.

For the less I love,

 Time and distance doesn’t matter

 For I love, freely. 

The forbidden rain

It was a forbidden rain.

The rain which had eluded the town since decades;
It was a curse
A dark curse of pure soul.

Many stories had been told.
Some said, it was a curse of her recreant lover
Some said, the witch was crucified on the day
But the spell was never meant to be broken.

Many had died in ages.
Lives came and went
But the summer never failed
It was a never ending summer.

One day, It rained.
The sky was an out burst
The earth cried out of her desperate
And it lasted never the same.

The town went into the ocean
Losing it’s name
Lives were gone
Never to reinstate.

But the stories are still heard
Some say, another heart was broken
Some say, it was the resurrection of evil
But the spell was never meant to be broken.

It was a forbidden rain

Lost soul

The river divides us

As the season of fate

But then

As no tide awaits

My love would last

With the withering last vein.

I speak up for the last; O’ love

The poetry of your lips

The imagination I bear

The fireworks of your love.

Behold those breathes we shared

As the night has returned

With dark and wrath

The body might belong to them

But the soul will await for me love.

The Invite

Come to me, when the hour is dark
It’s the dark, who carries no shadow
The poetry of you and me
Like passion and glory.

Come to me, in skinny knees
It’s when you kneel; makes me grin
The erotica of you and me
With buzzes and scream.

Come to me, with no return seen
The one way trip
Single selves, you and me
Mingling love and mystery.

For Last we see

For last we see
Let me hold you like a song
The song I will never sing again
The song I will never hum on again.

For last we meet
Let’s not say goodbye
Goodbyes are hopeless
Goodbyes never so honest.

For last I see you
Let me offer you, the favorite orchids
Shower the love
Before they bury you into the eternity.