Shades of blue

We are living in an era, where books are being recreated on the perspective of Ram, Ravan, Sita or Hanuman. Days are not far, when we will be reading inscriptions of Laxman and Sugriv. Ever wonder, what Mandodari must have gone through in those two years of oppression and resilience?

We indulge in the leads of characters and their evolution with the act. No matter what’s the shade of a character is, we will always fall for the center piece of the act. But there are others, who may be in the side leagues of story playing a minor role of non-existent. Nevertheless, they are the ones who are most affected with the turns of event.

A hero becomes a villain in his act. Does, what should not be done. Yet he grows back to be a hero again. What about those who helped in building his character to a good person.

Don’t we need to read them?


A life long enough

Amidst wishing you a long life or healthy life, I reckon the importance of what has been said,” Health is wealth”.

Often my dark demons ask me, what if something happens to me in the most silent hour of night and no body acknowledges in the chaos of morning. I know it’s the most convulsive fear of my life when I chose not to die in a lonely house.

However, I wake up every morning and ask for a healthy life no matter how short it is. A life free of disease from physical and mental abilities.

Seemingly in my prayers, I describe the definition of health lead by WHO.

Currently, I may be free of any physical cause, but two doses of leviciteram a day never let me forget that the clock is still clicking.

Nevertheless, I gather the courage to fight every day with equal spirit consoling myself that I will deal with it whenever time will test.


Until said, my truths decipher into my actions. For least, millions of thoughts pass across my mind, every millionth second of the day. They come with the speed of a jet and leave in a jiffy. There are times when I am making mental notes on pros and cons of quitting my job. and then in another minute I am researching a new place to travel. Life is a complete mess with the uncertainty of present and future. One thing I am assured of is, my past.

For unsaid, my past is a tomb of withered love with a live casket of orange memoirs buried within my chest  Life may be confusing with every ticking clock, but I am never confused about You.

Promise me more

Late that night, I cherished when S++ was reading my poetry with his utmost expressions.How often do we get a chance when an energetic vernacular poet reads your poetry loud out.I was in total awe when he started reading his own work.I don’t remember when and how we jumped into one conversation to another. It was past one a.m. in night and I am never up that late enjoying the conversations. it was that moment when I asked us to retire to bed, as we moved from my drawing area to kitchen,I remember us talking on relationships and monogamy. Last I remember, it was around 2 am when we came out of the kitchen to bed.
what was that we talked about….

I will just concise his thought process which followed my never lasting love for my ex.

S++ (i am keeping my friend’s name discreet) has evolved as a great artist out of his own philosophy and lonely childhood. He has a limited set of rules which defines him profoundly. One of them is solitude. He often retires to his solitude where he shut downs himself into his world of literature and art. The repercussions of that behavior leads him to get misunderstood by many. how he defines relationship is partly similar to my ex, but what makes him standout is understated. I will cite them in two points:
1. he is polygamous and doesn’t believe in monogamy
2. he gets attracted to intellectual intercourse

Sounds similar what my ex used to say to me:
on retaliation about polygamy he said, I don’t believe in monogamy, and humans are not meant to be monogamous. BUT in case he finds a right partner, and he feels that this is the person, he seeks to spend rest of his life with. he wont hesitate to be monogamous. For that right person he can choose to be what he is not. provided he loves her.
My remark: My ex, Had we loved each other to that intensity or is monogamy just a social norm which is tough to be followed?

My ex often used to say that intellectual inter-courses are very arousing, but what I found out was physical inter-courses with rickshaw wallas and teens.
My remark: the new world term Intellectual intercourses are only for snobbish people who are overly articulated (mind well, it has no concern with education) and consider them out of league thinkers. they design their own thinking and reproduce it as a change maker for society. Period!!!

Anyhow I can write a lot here, but what I derived here is that point 1 & 2 are their statements which has hidden sub clauses. one has to read the contract of relationship in depth and dealt before signing in. As it is always said, mutual benefits are subjected to market risk.
Next time, when you make a promise, promise more that the hidden sub-clauses are subjected to evaluation.